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An image of the book, Leading Content Design

Content design teams need the right conditions to thrive—but when they’re hampered by bottlenecks or putting out fires, it’s hard for them to do their best work, secure support, and grow strategically.


Enter content operations. With smart, operational approaches, I'll help you identify and remove the barriers to strong, effective content work. You’ll learn how to create common standards, improve collaboration, iron out wrinkles in the design process, and build advocacy—so you can lead your team with impact.


This book explores:

  • What operations are and how they enhance your work

  • When and how to scale your content practice 

  • Overcoming blockers and streamlining workflows

  • Building stronger bonds within and between teams

  • Fostering a content community of practice

“Leading Content Design presents ambitious but achievable ways to get unstuck from surface level and start putting down strong content design roots in any organization. It’s practical, flexible, and really feels like I’ve just taken a shortcut to being a better content leader.”

Jane Ruffino, Content designer, researcher, and UX writing course director

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