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The design team at OVO needed some guiding principles that would provide a way to establish consistent quality of design work. 
A set of principles would also allow us to define some criteria to objectively assess work against, and develop some UX metrics we could use in research.
To do this I ran a series of workshops. 
Firstly I asked the whole design team to share the values they believed should apply to their work. I took these and synthesised the outputs, before working with a smaller group to prioritise and refine further.
I then ran some workshops to decide how each value would translate to a more tangible outcome, and we started to merge and name the principles.
As a team we voted on the format we wanted our principles to take, and in parallel I began to craft the definitions.
From the draft set of principles, I worked with the team to develop the cirteria for each, and with the research team to start to define our UX metrics.
I also worked with visual designers to ideate concepts that would bring our principles to life, before finally briefing our creative studio to create the final visuals to help us socialise them and drive adoption.
You can view the final criteria list here.

Frame 2principles2.png
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