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let me set you up for success

A strong brand, user insights, and good design and content are the difference between average and amazing.

I can offer the following on a consultancy basis:


  • Develop your brand name, product and feature names

  • Define your brand architecture

  • Create a brand tone of voice and brand characteristics

Product development

  • Content design and UX writing and training

  • Content style guides and content design frameworks

  • Product proposition workshops


  • Testing content with users


  • Defining success metrics for content

Content and design ops and leadership

  • Establishing the roles you need, creating jobs specs and interview questions, and interviewing candidates

  • Identifying operational improvement areas 

  • Creating the foundations for better teamwork and collaboration

See how I helped Stride and Neon.

“Rachel's work laid the foundations of our brand content. If you get the chance to work with her, seize it!

Lauren Currie OBE, Stride

“Working with Rachel was brillant...she shaped the Neon brand and worked on content strategy. Rachel works in a collaborative way that quickly helped us understand what we needed and was key to the success of Neon.

Dan Powell, EngineeringUK

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